House Concerts

Interested in hosting Ladyslipper Ensemble?
We are reviving the tradition of the 19th century Salon, where we provide high quality chamber music in your own living room. In this setting, the audience experiences sitting in close proximity to the performers: they are able to witness how the musicians communicate with one another and breathe with each musical phrase. Our programs are about 50-60 minutes long. During this time, members of the ensemble talk about the music and composers before each piece. We are happy to answer any questions from the audience at the end of the concert. The host may choose to offer snacks and drinks to be enjoyed after the performance.
How is this different from the concert hall?
In addition to the enhanced experience of being close to the musicians, Ladyslipper Ensemble engages the audience in questions and conversation about the music or any aspect of the performance. We provide a warm, intimate, non- intimidating atmosphere in which audiences of all ages can listen to great music. 
If you are interested in hosting a chamber music concert in your home, 

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